Day 8394


I think birthdays are important…

I never really used to be a fan.
Before now, they were just reminders that I’m not at that place I think I should be.
Nobody really celebrated mine anyways, save close family and one or two friends.
Hence, my decision to be apathetic.
However, I realise that they can be important, depending on what they mean to one.

Since Life is about perspective.

Much like the New Year, it can be a day to be thankful.
Grateful for life, for family, opportunities e.t.c.
Birthdays can be wonderful indeed, in bringing to remembrance long term goals and rediscovering purpose.
One can be inspired by them, to make the coming year a much better one.

Or not.

Another can decide to live like that every single day.
To see and treat everyday as a birthday
That will mean to number days rather than years.
So birthdays become just another day in the world.
With no special meaning whatsoever.

Isn’t everyday a new day? 

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